Children hospice Week Special; Path to Palliatvice Care

Path to Palliative Care

In a recent post of mine I tried to dispel some of the myths surrounding Palliative Care, its definitions and of course the impact of these on family life. This time I must admit writing this article seems easier however more traumatic, you see the path to palliative care has not been easy, for the most it has been tough. Why? Largely due to some of emotional highs and ‘official loop holes’.

It was when Arjun was around four that we first were introduced to Martin House Children’s Hospice. It was a shock to say the least. Our first reaction I that of disbelief ‘our son’ would need to go to a ‘hospice’. Understandably,   when you hear the words ‘hospice’ our reaction are of death, of end of life, sadness, suffering and general solace. This is a myth, these are the emotions and preconception we have of adult hospices, I’m not going to lie, these were our misconceptions too. Children’s hospices have quite a different feeling. They are about empowering families to deal with anything that they will face on their journey through palliative care and ultimately end of life. Continue reading