Cheated by death, again

Arjun did not die ( this time). He fought through and survived, but not for long. I think we had lulled ourselves  into a false sense of security again, he had recovered, he always recovers so what was all the fuss about? The reality is that this is not how anybody would be living their lives, living each and everyday watching out for signs of deterioration and death; waiting to see if he has changed in his colour or breathing pattern, always on high alert in the eventuality that I will be called away from work ( yes, I work), or a day out with the girls or, family function will be cut short so we can attend another emergency.

It is not fair; it is not normal.

Well, only 48hrs after the first episode Arjun was taken ill again, his body had started to shut down but this time he was at home. Continue reading

Waiting for death is not easy

Arjun in hospital

I know it has been a while since I have blogged but the past few months have been pretty horrific; my Instagram @mommaupnorth has documented the majority of our journey.

It was only a few months ago that I sat with Arjun in hospital after he had been rushed in from school; vomiting blood, the medical term being ‘coffee granules’. Why? Because when there is a bleed in the stomach, the acid works its’ chemical magic to solidify the blood to resemble percolated coffee granules. In layman terms ‘congealed blood’. This was not the most alarming event, it was the sudden hyperthermia, his temperature had dramatically dropped to 33 degrees, which in essence meant that his brain was shutting down, therefore triggering a shut down in his vital organs.

He was dying. Continue reading