Media Virgin

I had no idea that I would ever be asked to be part of any media let alone National Radio, twice in a week! Surprised is an understatement shocked is the the reality.

The power of Instagram really came into its own this time because it was through this that I was contacted firstly by Radio5live for a phone in about premature babies and then BBC Asian Network to discuss my blog and caring for Arjun and premature babies.

Radio5live was relatively easy to be honest, not very glamorous, no trips to a studio or mics, I was sitting in my lounge on the telephone with a mug of my favourite brew! The call lasted about 10min hardly enough time to take it all in!

However, BBC Asian Network was very different. As a child I grew up listening to the channel, and often thought how do you actually get on the radio? The irony is that when I went to Uni to study English, it was with a view to being a journalist, but my parents did not approve, journalism in any form wasn’t on the approved jobs list, so I became a teacher. If Im honest, my heart still lies with broadcast journalism and after my brush with radio I think I missed an opportunity. Continue reading


Charity; compassion, passion and humility

Ok so many of you who follow me on Instagram   (@mommaupnorth) or on here will know that I am a great one for charity, to point that I am a founding Trustee of The Rainbow Fun, Harrogate Children’s Charity, so when I was asked once again to speak at the Variety, The Children’s Charity Crystal Ball Event I was both excited but very nervous too.

When you spend most of your time questioning what you, why you do it and if you are actually any good at it, standing up and speaking from your heart about personal matters in front of 500 people it is pretty daunting. So, why you may ask did I agree ( again) but this time on my own, well this is why; compassion, passion and humility. Continue reading